Member Amenities


Free Parking/Valet

Car Wash – Waterless and eco-friendly

EV Vehicle Charging

Periodicals – Just let us know which ones you’d like ahead of time

Non-Traveling Guests – Members can have non-traveling guests join them in their suite for arrivals and departures

Conference Room and Videoconferencing – Host a meeting here before or after your flight. You can even include non-travelers

Shower Spa

Concierge Doctor – We can arrange for a doctor to visit your suite pre or post flight

Billed at our direct cost

Chauffeured Ground Transportation – We can arrange point-to-point transfers to and from PS

Billed at our direct cost


Toy Menu

Soft, Touch-and-Feel Book

Laugh & Learn Singing Storytime Puppy

Bead Maze

Mozart Magic Cube

Walk-A-Long Puppy

Small Wooden Airplane Set

My Little Pony Doll

Disney Planes Diecast Racer

Sketch Pad and Crayons

Lego Airport Set



Fun at the Airport Stickers

Friendship Bracelet Maker

Lego Friends Set



Countries of the World

Playing Cards


Speed Cube

Toss and Catch Skill Game


Connect 4