PS LAX is located in a private terminal far away from the traffic and bustle of the public terminal. We offer a back door to your aircraft, seamless security and Customs clearance, as well as luxury amenities before and after your flight.


Available at this location


The Salon


Semi-private TSA, customs and transportation across airfield

Complimentary cocktails and bites in a social setting

Private Suite


Complete privacy, with private TSA & Customs

Private BMW chauffeur to and from aircraft

Complimentary valet parking and car wash (All Access Members only)

Complimentary spa shower and spa services (All Access and Salon Members only)

Complimentary cocktails and chef-prepared meals

Perfect for children and pets



PS Direct


Head-of-state style treatment

Speed and efficiency

Complete privacy

Chauffeured directly to your home or hotel




Private Suite with window view looking at greenery and lush landscaping outside.




6875 W Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States





PS operates 24/7, 365