The Salon at PS is a calm, connected air travel experience. A chance to enjoy aesthetic sustenance, cultural delights and human connection, miles away from the airport lounge. Join us as we elevate air travel to an art form. 


  • The Salon embodies all the coveted components of traveling through PS – ease, indulgence, and world-class hospitality – with a brand-new social experience
  • Designed with an expanded set of needs in mind, The Salon is an elevated social space for solo travelers who are able to enjoy the lounge and full bar, expansive outdoor garden, and complimentary top-shelf food and drinks, pre-or-post flight
  • Guests will have access to expedited TSA screening on departure, customs and immigration processing on international arrival, and direct-to-aircraft transportation across the airfield before take-off



  • Unlike the Suites, the Salon experience is shared – there will be other travelers with you in the lounge, in TSA and customs, as well as in the drive to and from the aircraft
  • Pets are not allowed in the Salon
  • All travelers in the Salon must be 21 and over


Regular Pricing:

  • The launch pricing of the Salon is $695/person, with extra charges for parking ($60/day), checked bags ($50) and other services


Special Offer:

  • Lock in an exclusive rate of $625/person with all the benefits of Membership:
    • Car valet/parking
    • Complimentary checked bags
    • Complimentary car detailing
    • Flexible reservation/cancellation policy