What is PS?

PS reimagines the airport experience for the seasoned and discerning traveler.

Located in a private terminal far away from the traffic and bustle of the public terminal, we offer a back door to your aircraft, along with seamless security and Customs clearance, as well as luxury amenities before and after your flight.

PS is now serving guests at LAX.


The Experience


Guests enjoy:

  • A back door to your aircraft
  • Personalized guest services, before and after your flight
  • Quick and easy TSA screenings on departures, Customs and Immigration on arrivals
  • Luggage assistance and personal delivery
  • A BMW escort across airfield, directly to cabin door
  • Beautifully-designed indoor and outdoor lounges with salon, spa and entertainment amenities
  • The best dining in Los Angeles, at your fingertips
  • The safest, lowest-contact way to fly commercial. Learn more about our Covid-19 protocols here.

‘The most VIP way through LAX isn’t at LAX at all, but via a separate terminal on the far side of the runway.’


– Bloomberg

‘PS has turned the airport into a kind of sanctuary.’


– Departures

‘PS is easily the most unique and luxurious way to travel.’


– Forbes

‘A safe haven offering the best privacy, security, and amenities money can buy.’


– Business Insider

‘PS is a traveler’s dream.’


– Los Angeles Times

‘PS offers private airport experience to commercial flyers.’


– Yahoo Finance

‘Traveling in and out of LAX is stressful by design: the traffic, the long security lines, the hustle. But there is none of that with PS.’


– Goop

‘PS LAX ensures a stress-free airport experience like no other.’


– Town & Country


Become a Member

PS does not require annual membership, however, our annual members enjoy a multitude of benefits

Annual members enjoy preferred rates of $3,250 for up to four travelers.




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