Welcome card with champagne chilling and two champagne glasses prepared for guest.

About Us.

We offer category defining luxury access. In plain English, we get you in, we get you out, perfectly. How we do it is stupendously complex, but you’ll never notice. You will notice how we make you feel — secure, satisfied, flat-out delighted. We let you do things no one else can, and our confidence will amplify yours.

With us, you transcend compromised, otherwise unavoidable environments. You interact with familiar faces, not screens or machines. Wherever you want to be, we’ve perfected getting there — access calm and productivity, or child-like excitement, or feet-up, hair-down relaxation. Whatever your priority when you’re on your way, we give you more.

View from PS vehicle driving on tarmac with plane taking off at LAX.

PS (formerly known as The Private Suite).

Launched in Los Angeles in Spring 2017 as the first private terminal for commercial travel in the United States. Incubated within the renowned security firm, Gavin de Becker & Associates, PS has since grown to serve thousands of Members under the lead of Amina Belouizdad Porter as CEO.

Welcome to a new way to travel.