Member Amenities

Complimentary Valet Parking 

Car Wash – Waterless and eco-friendly

EV Vehicle Charging

Massage – 30-minute chair massage (LAX and ATL) or 45-minute table massage (LAX only) available with the Private Suite experience

Manicure – Flawless manicure from our nail professionals available with the Private Suite experience

Haircut or Barber Service – Available with the Private Suite experience

Shower Spa

Periodicals – Just let us know which ones you’d like ahead of time

Non-Traveling Guests – Members can have non-traveling guests join them in their Private Suite for arrivals and departures

Concierge Doctor – We can arrange for a doctor to visit your Private Suite pre- or post-flight (billed at our direct cost)

Chauffeured Ground Transportation – We can arrange point-to-point transfers to and from PS (billed at our direct cost)

Toys – Detailed menu

*Each complimentary amenity comes with one per reservation