About PS

What is PS?

Imagine having an airport virtually all to yourself. PS is a private luxury terminal serving commercial flights at LAX. Far removed from the chaos of the surrounding airport and just steps away from the airfield, we offer the ease, privacy and security of the private flight experience for commercial travel.


With unprecedented access, PS has the only private partnership with both TSA and Customs and Border Protection, our guests move seamlessly through arrivals and departures. A team of expert Agents works behind the scenes to choreograph every step of the pre- or post-flight experience. Sail through our private, line-free TSA screening, access dedicated customs and immigration services on arrival and relax as our trained drivers escort you across the airfield directly to/from your aircraft. All without stepping inside LAX. Guests also enjoy luxurious lounges or private suites, chef-prepared food, spa services and more, all while our Control Room coordinates with government, security and airline officials to ensure the utmost efficiency, safety and privacy.


Waiting in lines, maneuvering through crowds and handling unwieldy luggage are things of the past at PS. So is the airport experience you’ve come to know.

How is PS different from lounges at the airport?

PS is not at the airport, it is a back door to the airport.


PS offers luxurious, first-of-its-kind service that traditional airport lounges can’t, beginning with a private, traffic-free entrance adjacent to LAX and a team of dedicated Agents assigned to each traveling party to ensure a smooth, stress-free journey from start to finish. Here are all the ways PS is different:


  • A separate terminal building off the LAX runway, removed from the chaos and vehicular traffic of the main terminals.
  • Unprecedented logistics handled by a team of expert Agents.
  • Private TSA screening and customs and immigrations arrival services.
  • Dedicated luggage porters to shepherd bags to and from your aircraft.
  • Trained drivers to escort guests across the airfield to and from their commercial aircraft in a private vehicle.
  • Luxurious private indoor and outdoor lounge spaces for a hotel-like experience.
  • Dining choices ranging from fine catered meals to courier- delivered fast food drop-offs on request.


Is PS for commercial or private flights?

PS is designed for commercial flights, providing an unparalleled luxury experience for commercial travelers, featuring many of the conveniences of flying private. If you are flying commercial, or connecting to or from a private flight, you are welcome to join us.

Does PS work with all commercial flights?

Yes. PS works with all major airlines.

What is the difference between a Suite and the Salon?

Suites at PS are private, spacious and designed for maximum comfort with minimum visibility. With an entertainment center, fully stocked snack and beverage bar and en-suite bathroom, each suite hosts up to six people comfortably and can be customized to better entertain children or pets, for an airport experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


The Salon offering is a communal lounge space that allows individual travelers to enjoy a social experience at PS. The Centurion experience is an exclusive salon for Centurion cardholders.


Centurion members of PS can access the Suites or the Centurion experience as part of their membership.


Regardless of your selection, all PS guests are welcome to enjoy our public, shared lounge spaces, including our garden.

Where is PS?

PS is located at LAX in a secured terminal that can only be accessed from Imperial Highway.


Our address is:

6875 W. Imperial Highway

Los Angeles, CA 90045

How many locations does PS have?

At this time, our only location is at LAX. However, we have plans to open locations at other major airports across the country in 2020. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about exciting new PS locations.

Pricing & Membership

Does PS have a membership program?

Yes. Centurion cardholders receive a complimentary annual membership valued at $4,500, plus per-use fees. To enroll in the Centurion PS membership program, click here.

What are the per-use fees for a member?

As a Centurion® Member of PS, you have access to two unique offerings:


The Centurion Experience at PS

  • Receive a complimentary visit to this exclusive space each year for you and one traveling companion when you call Centurion Membership Services and reserve a first or business class international ticket.
  • Access anytime thereafter for $550 per person by making a reservation through our portal or calling Centurion Membership Services.


Suites at PS

  • PS Members receive preferred rates on Suites. Domestic or international travel is $3,150 one-way for up to four travelers. Each additional traveler is $500.
  • Learn more and reserve anytime at www.reservePS.com
Can my family use my membership?

Yes. A spouse or partner and children under 18 are included in your membership and we look forward to welcoming the whole family. Member benefits extend to all members traveling individually or together.

Can children travel through PS?

For the Centurion experience: Children 16 and over can travel at the same per-use fee of $550/person.


For the Suites: Children of all ages are welcome; children under the age of 2 are welcome to join us on a complimentary basis.

What is included in the price of a reservation?

The Centurion Experience is subject to additional charges for:

    • Valet parking ($60/vehicle/day)
    • Vehicle detailing ($80/vehicle)
    • Checked luggage processing ($50/movement)
    • Travel amenities
    • Individualized BMW transportation (American Express experience passengers may be provided transportation to/from airlines in Sprinters or SUVs with others traveling on the same flight or from same terminal)

Suites at PS are not subject to additional charges to Centurion travelers who have activated their complimentary membership benefit.


Do I have to reserve roundtrip service?

No. PS welcomes reservations for one-way, connection and roundtrip services.

Does PS facilitate connections/layovers?

Yes. Guests with a connection or layover can purchase a connection service and are treated to both the arrival and departure service from PS in one day.

Do I buy my plane ticket separately?

Yes. We cannot reserve plane tickets. Your reservation with us covers the luxurious PS travel experience at our terminal, excluding airfare.

What information do I need to have in order to reserve PS?

It is best to reserve your PS experience at least 48 hours in advance of your flight arrival or departure time. We require the following information to process your reservation:


  • Traveler information including passport details on international flights
  • Flight information including PNR/Confirmation numbers for each guest in your traveling party
  • Credit card to process the reservation


We also kindly request driver information and the total number of bags you are checking to allow us to provide the most effortless travel experience possible.


PS requires at least 24 hours’ notice to process your reservation. Reservations requested with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a 25% service fee, should we be able to accommodate.

How far in advance do you accept reservations?

As a member, you can reserve as far in advance as you wish. Kindly note that we request at least 48 hours’ notice and require at least 24 hours’ notice to process reservations. This allows us to coordinate with airlines, TSA and U.S. Customs & Border Protection and to comply with airport safety regulations. Reservations requested with less than 24 hours’ notice from flight arrival or departure time will incur a 45% service fee.

What is the cancellation policy?

For Members:

  • For cancellations or reservation changes made more than 48 hours before travel, 100% of the original fee will be credited toward a future reservation;
  • For cancellations or reservation changes made less than 48 hours before travel, 80% of the original fee will be credited toward a future reservation.
Is PS kid-friendly?

Unfortunately, we do not accept children below the age of 16 in the Centurion-exclusive space.


However, for the Suites, we are delighted to welcome the whole family. We offer a variety of services for young travelers including a toy menu, kid-approved meal selections and a private outdoor play space with an array of entertaining games. We also offer bassinets upon request for little ones in need of rest.

Is PS pet-friendly?

Unfortunately, we do not accept pets in the Centurion-exclusive space.


However, pets are allowed in the Suites. As long as your pet meets your chosen airline’s regulations and approval, we are happy to accommodate traveling animals and even designed our terminal with them in mind. Guests and their pets are invited to enjoy our suites, pet-friendly garden and our provided pet accessories. We do require that all traveling animals be included on the reservation and have the required paperwork and airline notifications.

Is PS wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Please let us know the nature of any mobility assistance needs at the time of reservation to allow us to make the appropriate accommodations.

Do I have to be flying first class?

No. Any traveler regardless of their seat is welcome to use PS.

The Experience

Do I have to get to the airport early? I usually time my travel so that I spend a minimum amount of time at the airport. Will using PS save me time?

The PS experience saves every guest time by offering a line-free, crowd-free, seamless travel experience, however we are still bound by airline requirements around check-in and checked luggage processing. We recommend arriving 90 minutes before a domestic flight and two hours before an international flight if you are checking luggage.


When travelling through the Suite, many of our guests opt to arrive even earlier to relax and take full advantage of our services, including:


  • Massages, manicures and barber services
  • Delicious food and beverage selections
  • Ample space for business meetings and calls
  • Quality family time in our garden


What on-site amenities are available?

Our luxury on-site amenities include:


  • Spa-shower upon request
  • A garden with games and activities
  • A dedicated conference room with the newest in webcam and audio digital conferencing tools
  • Complimentary snacks, beverages and travel amenities
  • A team of Agents assigned exclusively to you to assist in any capacity during your experience
Is smoking allowed on-site?

Yes, smoking is allowed outdoors.

Can I order food?

A food menu as well as snacks and drinks are available in the Centurion Experience.


For Suite travelers, the ability to pre-order from our curated menu is offered when confirming your reservation.

Can PS accommodate off-menu items?

Yes. We kindly ask that you let us know at the time of reservation and we will do our very best. Please note an additional cost will apply for off-menu requests, equivalent to the meal total price plus a 10% service fee.

Can PS accommodate allergies?

Absolutely. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions at the time of reservation.

How much time can I spend at PS?

Guests can arrive up to three hours before their scheduled flight or stay for up to three hours upon arrival. If flights are delayed, assuming availability, there is no limit to how long a member may use their Suite or the Centurion space.

Can I spend the night at PS?

PS is not a hotel, however, we are designed to accommodate unexpected delays. Each Suite has a two-person daybed that can be made-up upon request for a restful sleep. However, overnight stays are not possible in the Centurion space.

The Process

What time should I arrive?

In order for checked bags to be loaded on the flight, we ask that guests arrive 90 minutes before a domestic flight and two hours before an international flight. Note that this can vary depending on the airline for guests not checking luggage. Please ask our reservation team should you have any questions.

Can I have non-traveling guests join me?

Yes. Visitors are welcome to join you at PS and indulge in all of our amenities if you are traveling through the Suite.


For the Centurion experience, non-traveling guests are not permitted.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Our team of Agents will keep you abreast of all relevant updates and will present you with all possible options. If your flight is delayed, assuming suite availability, you are invited to relax in your suite or await your flight in the salon. Either way, you will be well taken care of.

I’m departing from LAX: How do I board the flight?

Guests are escorted from our terminal to a private BMW and taken across the airfield directly to their aircraft by a specially trained driver—an unprecedented level of exclusive airport access. An Agent will then accompany guests to the jet-bridge stairs or elevator and to the aircraft door for the ultimate boarding process.

I’m arriving at LAX: What happens when I get off the aircraft?

Guests are met at the aircraft door by a dedicated Agent, who will escort them from the jet bridge directly onto the airfield, where a private BMW awaits at the foot of the aircraft. Guests are then driven across the airfield to the PS terminal — an unprecedented level of exclusive airport access — where they are invited to wait for any checked luggage in the plush comfort of their suite or salon.


When arriving from an international flight, our guests experience line-free customs and immigration processing at our terminal.


Terms & Conditions





PS, The Private Suite LAX, American Express and all logos, marks, and trade usage are protected by copyright and trademark laws of the United States. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Use of the American Express exclusive space at PS LAX is subject to the following terms and conditions. Use of the American Express experience at PS shall constitute your acceptance of these terms.


SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2020 PASSENGERS. Due to continued construction at Los Angeles International Airport, transportation to/from your airline may require additional time. Conditions may change from day to day and PS cannot be responsible for unexpected delays resulting from these airport operations. It is extremely important that you arrive punctually and with sufficient time to permit processing and transportation.



Membership - American Express Benefit at PS LAX


PS is a private terminal at LAX. The American Express member benefit provides 1) PS membership to the cardholder and 2) exclusive access to the American Express space at PS LAX, subject to these special terms and conditions. In the event of any conflict or disparity between these terms, services, or provisions and those applicable to PS published elsewhere, these provisions shall be controlling for all passengers. For details regarding additional services available with membership, please see our website at reservePS.com/membership. Whenever the term “PS” “we”, “our” or “us” is used herein, it shall refer to PS LAX. “You” and “Your” shall refer to the American Express Member/Passenger.


Membership and use fees apply as indicated in the pricing section below. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


In the event of airline delay beyond the designated period of Your reservation, PS will make every effort to continue to accommodate Your use of the facility. However, PS reserves the right to relocate the Member to a Shared Lounge or off-site facilities, including airline lounges when necessary. The PS is not responsible for airline delays of any kind.

Access to American Express Exclusive Space


Membership entitles each member access to the American Express exclusive space, and to the benefits described in these policies, subject to the By-Laws of the Club and all of these terms and conditions.

Additional charges may apply to special services not included in the American Express experience.

  • Special logistical services.
  • All Members and Guests receiving services at LAX may be charged fees for checked luggage in excess of the airline allowance.  Members and Guests are expected to make any special arrangements for excess weight or oversized bags directly with the airline carrier in advance of travel. For information on baggage restrictions applicable to the passenger’s airline, please contact the airline directly. PS assumes no liability for any consequences arising from the attempted processing or airline non-acceptance of excess baggage.
  • PS assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss arising from use of Internet access.
  • The American Express exclusive space is a communal lounge located at PS LAX. PS private suites may be reserved directly with the PS Member Services team.
  • The following services are not included with American Express experience but may be purchased directly by the passenger at additional charge:
    • Valet parking ($60/vehicle/day)
    • Vehicle detailing ($80/vehicle)
    • Checked luggage processing ($50/movement)
    • Travel amenities
    • Individualized BMW transportation (American Express experience passengers may be provided transportation to/from airlines in Sprinters or SUVs with others traveling on the same flight or from same terminal)
Limitations & Membership Rules
  • Persons under the age of 16 are not permitted to use or visit the American Express exclusive space. No person under the age of 21 may consume alcohol in, on, or around PS. Violation of this regulation may result in removal from the American Express exclusive space, forfeiture of fees and/or revocation of membership.
  • Use of the American Express experience facilities is by reservation only and requires a confirmed airline reservation. Visitors or non-traveling guests are not permitted in the American Express exclusive space.
  • All Members are expected to create and maintain a current account with PS in order to book service.  Members are solely responsible to provide accurate and complete information and to maintain all personal information current. PS is not responsible for inaccurate or outdated information supplied by Members. All accounts must include a valid credit card which will be kept on file. All charges for Membership, Use Fees, and other Expenses not included in Your airfare/ticket price and approved or requested by You will be charged to Your account.
  • Reservations must be completed at least 24-hours in advance of the departing or arriving flight time.
  • Reservations requested upon less than 24 hours-notice will be accommodated subject to availability, airline and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)/Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, and will incur an additional service fee of 25% of the published member use fee.
  • PS facilities must be used in compliance with State and Federal laws at all times. Violation of this rule may result in removal from PS and revocation of membership without refund of any unused fees or dues. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of PS except designated smoking areas. Use of narcotics, drugs, or illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Photography, video, and audio recordings, and any other invasive or disruptive behavior is  prohibited. Members and others admitted to the American Express exclusive space are responsible to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and must not approach any other passengers outside the space, or disclose the presence of such passengers to any third party. PS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove individuals from the premises in the event of inappropriate or invasive conduct.
  • When using the American Express experience at PS, all baggage must arrive at the facility prior to the time specified by your airline but in any event no later than 120 minutes prior to international flight departure time, and no later than 90 minutes prior to domestic flight departure time. You understand and agree that baggage arriving later than these times might not be accepted or boarded by airlines. In the event lateness prevents successful service, the charges are non-refundable. PS and its parent entities shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, delay, or baggage handling errors caused by regulatory agencies, airlines, baggage handling crews, or others, once baggage leaves possession of Our personnel. Please note: PS personnel do not board aircraft or enter the luggage hold in order to retrieve luggage. Regulations require that we wait until the airline offloads, identifies, and delivers checked baggage. That process is beyond our control and we are not responsible for any delays resulting therefrom.
  • Passengers must comply with airline terms and conditions (including any baggage restrictions) at all times.
  • PS will not intervene in disputes between any airline and users of the American Express experience, or between TSA, CBP, and passengers using the American Express exclusive space. While at PS facilities, Members and Guests must comply with any direction or instruction given by any PS staff member, Los Angeles World Airports Police Department, LAX, TSA, or CBP officers. Members and Guests must comply with all applicable security, customs and immigration regulations.
  • PS reserves the right to charge a American Express member’s account for any damage caused to PS facilities or the American Express space, and for any items that are removed from the facilities without permission.


Special Additional Services

Special or additional services requested by a Member with at least 24 hours’ notice will be accommodated whenever practical and possible. Any costs, charges, or expenses incurred in the delivery of such special additional services will be charged directly to Your account in addition to standard fees and charges. If there are ways we can improve your experience at PS, please let us know.


The American Express Experience at PS LAX Reservation System
  • Passengers wishing to receive special services for additional charge or those requiring any special assistance due to disability should contact [email protected] for additional information. Pets or emotional support animals (ESAs) are not permitted in the American Express exclusive space. Members who intend to travel with a pet or ESA should contact PS Member Services to reserve the Private Suite service.
  • Members may include non-cardholders on their reservation as long as their guests are traveling on the same flight. Charges for use of the American Express experience at PS are $550 per traveler.
  • All passengers using the American Express experience must have a confirmed flight reservation before entering American Express exclusive space and will be asked to provide the confirmation number at the time of entry. All passengers require valid photo identification, a valid credit card, and in the case of international flights, valid passports.
  • Reservations must be completed at least 24-hours in advance of the departing or arriving flight time.
  • Reservations requested upon less than 24 hours-notice will be accommodated subject to availability, airline and CBP/TSA regulations, and will incur an additional service fee of 45% of the published member use fee.
  • Advance booking does not guarantee service.  All services at PS are subject to operational capacity and availability.
  • Payment of any applicable use fees or extra charges for the American Express experience is due at the time of Your reservation for such services and will be charged to Your account directly. All fees are subject to cancellation policies set forth in these Terms and Conditions. A valid credit card is required to create your account with PS and all charges and fees will be charged directly to that account.
  • Prices set forth on the PS website or in any quotation may be changed or withdrawn by PS at any time without prior notice. Such changes will not affect membership fees, services, or reservations that have already been paid. Payment of any applicable use fees for PS is due at the time of reservation and will be charged to Your account directly. All fees are subject to cancellation policies set forth in these Terms and Conditions. A valid credit card is required to create your account with PS LAX and all charges and fees will be charged directly to that account.
  • Members utilizing agents or third parties to make reservations shall be deemed to be aware of and accept these terms and conditions (including those pertaining to the provision of personal and travel information). In such cases, the full name(s) of the passenger(s) with confirmed flight reservations must be specified. Any person using an Agent or third party to make reservations with PS shall be deemed to enter into a binding contract that is formed with the agent and the passenger on these terms and conditions
  • PS is not obligated to accept any reservation. If a reservation is accepted, a confirmation notice will be sent via email whereupon a binding contract is formed between PS and (i) the individual or company named on the reservation and (ii) (if applicable) the travelling passenger(s), governed by the terms and conditions described herein.


  • Cancellation or reservation changes fewer than 48 hours before travel: 80% of fee credited toward future travel
  • Cancellation or reservation changes more than 48 hours before travel: 100% of fee credited toward future travel
  • Cancellation by Us due to operational needs at any time will result in a full refund of any fees paid in advance to Us.
  • Members and Guests using the American Express experience are responsible for monitoring airline schedules and any potential changes to flight times prior to arrival at PS. Current flight information will be available at the American Express exclusive space. Like any passengers, Members and Guests are responsible to ensure that they meet the appropriate passport, Visa, and health requirements, about which PS assumes no responsibility.
  • PS reserves the right to cancel bookings for any reason including, without limitation, operational, safety, capacity, or security requirements. In the event of cancellation by PS any fee paid for that use will be refunded. In such instances, PS shall not be responsible for any consequential, indirect, or other damages or loss arising from such cancellation.
  • PS accepts no liability for losses, delays or disruptions incurred as a result of:
    • incorrect information being supplied to PS by its Members, their delegates and associates, or by airlines;
    • acts or omissions of any third party including independent service providers, airlines, security, and border control authorities;
    • ground handlers or third party transport arranged by or on behalf of the Member;
    • Any loss or delay caused by matters beyond the reasonable control of PS, including but not limited to: riot, civil unrest, strikes, interruption of power, airport orders; or orders of any other civil authority, natural disasters,
    • TSA/CBP requirements or orders, security alerts, etc.;
    • Flight delays or cancellations, or unannounced gate changes.
  • PS shall not be liable to any Member, under any conditions, for any:
    • Loss of profits;
    • Loss of revenue;
    • Loss of use;
    • Loss of or corruption to data or information;
    • Indirect or consequential loss of any kind.
  • Except for gross negligence or willful misconduct by PS or its employees, Our total aggregate liability in contract, tort (including negligence), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise in connection with the use of the American Express experience shall not exceed the use fee paid by the passenger for access to the American Express exclusive space.
  • PS reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. You are advised to visit reservePS.com regularly to check for updates.