PS COVID-19 Precautions

As countries around the world begin to reopen businesses and relax travel restrictions, PS remains dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of its Members and Guests. We are staying up to date with the latest guidance from the CDC and all applicable state/local mandates and making changes accordingly. By way of example, we have taken the following actions to help safeguard our Members, Guests and PS Associates during these challenging times:

  • PS requires Members and Guests wear protective face coverings at all times;
  • PS associates are wearing protective face coverings at all times;
  • The PS terminal and our loading procedures have been reworked to maximize social distancing wherever possible;
  • All suites and other PS facilities are thoroughly sanitized between each Member or Guest visit and also at regular times throughout the day using an EPA approved disinfectant that kills the virus that causes COVID-19 in one minute. With the use of an electrostatic sprayer, the positively charged disinfectant is applied in a micro fine mist with a 360 reach ensuring the disinfectant covers entire surfaces and hard to reach areas. The disinfectant we have chosen is safer, healthier and greener than most.
  • Suites are rotated to ensure maximum rest time for sanitization;
  • Vehicles are sanitized before and after use;
  • Vehicles with protective plexi-shield are available upon request;
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are accessible throughout the PS terminal;
  • Complimentary face coverings and travel-size hand sanitizers are available for Member and Guest use;
  • Menu-ordered food will be carefully prepared and individually wrapped. We will ensure the highest safety standards with regard to food preparation and delivery;
  • PS Associates continue working remotely to the extent possible;
  • All PS Associates have been instructed not to report to work in the event that they experience any potential COVID-19 symptoms, and their temperatures are being checked at the start of each workday.


Certain aspects of the PS service limit our ability to create physical distance between our staff and our Members and Guests (ex. collecting photo ID/passports upon arrival), however, we will do our absolute best to accommodate any specific requests you might have in order to help you feel safe and secure in your travels. Members are always welcome to complete mobile check-in prior to departures, handle their own carry-on luggage, and utilize our on-site Global Entry kiosk if arriving internationally. Please just let us know special requests ahead of time and we will work hard to accommodate them.

The TSA security screening and Customs and Border Protection processing areas are outside of our control, and we do not have influence over those officers’ actions or protective equipment. Currently, TSA permits the wearing of masks by travelers except when presenting ID to agents. TSA asks travelers to avoid the use of security bins (by instead putting personal items such as wallets, phones and keys into carry-on bags). CBP has installed a protective plexiglass barrier at their PS international arrivals processing desk.

PS increases ease and safety for travel through LAX by taking these extra precautions, and will continue reevaluate our procedures as more is learned.