Welcome to a New Way of Travel


PS is located in a private terminal far away from the traffic and bustle of the public terminal. We offer a back door to your commercial aircraft, private security and Customs clearance, luxury spaces, and white-glove service before and after your flight.


Now serving guests at Los Angeles International Airport.




View of The Salon facing seating and the empty bar with lights off.

The Salon

An elevated social space perfect for solo travelers or small groups, miles away from the chaos of airport lounges.

Private Suite with comfortable seating, couches and window bench with plane view.

Private Suite

The ultimate choice for those seeking the highest levels of luxury, privacy and comfort.

White BMW/PS vehicle parked on the tarmac near the plane.

PS Direct

Get chauffeured directly to your home or hotel from the door of your commercial aircraft.

Our Guests Enjoy

Personalized guest services, pre- and post- flight / Quick and easy TSA screenings on departures / Customs and Immigration on arrivals / Luggage assistance and personal delivery / A car escort across airfield, directly to cabin door

Beautifully-designed indoor and outdoor spaces / Spa and entertainment amenities / Complimentary dining from our Executive Chef / The finest in mixology, wines and more from our bar

The safest, lowest-contact way to fly commercial. Learn about our Covid-19 protocols.

How it Works
  1. Greeted at aircraft door
  2. Chauffeured to PS private terminal
  3. Quick and painless Customs and Immigration, if applicable
  4. Refresh in your Private Suite or in The Salon
  5. Depart PS Terminal stress-free
  1. Arrive at PS to be greeted by your dedicated team
  2. Relax with luxury amenities, food, drinks and services
  3. Speedy, private TSA screening at PS
  4. Chauffeured across airfield directly to aircraft door




PS does not require annual Membership, however, our annual Members enjoy many benefits.

Some of the benefits Members enjoy:

  • Preferred rates
  • Preferential change and cancellation policies
  • Priority reservations
  • Access to PS Direct


‘PS has turned the airport into a kind of sanctuary.’


– Departures

‘PS is easily the most unique and luxurious way to travel.’


– Forbes

‘A safe haven offering the best privacy, security, and amenities money can buy.’


– Business Insider

‘That money gets you something far more valuable than just a private room.’


– CNN Travel

‘Could this luxury airport terminal spell the end of private jets?’


– HarpersBAZAAR.co.uk

‘That was legit among the coolest things I’ve ever done.’


– Forbes.com

‘The security process took less than five minutes…’


– Men’s Journal

The ultimate choice for those seeking the highest levels of luxury, privacy and comfort when traveling. Passengers traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport can now book at PS ATL for a luxury travel experience. Visit reserveps.com for more info. #onlyatPS ...

The ease, privacy and security of the private flight experience for commercial travel. Now serving commercial flights at LAX and ATL. #onlyatPS ...

Waiting in lines, maneuvering through crowds and handling unwieldy luggage are things of the past at PS. #onlyatPS ...

We often get asked about the pet policy at PS. Pets are allowed in the Private Suite experience, however are not allowed in The Salon. As long as your pet meets your chosen airline’s regulations and approval, we are happy to accommodate traveling animals and even designed our terminal and Private Suite with them in mind. Guests and their pets are invited to enjoy our Private Suites, pet-friendly garden and our provided pet accessories.  #onlyatPS ...

PS ATL is now open. Featuring The Salon, Private Suites, and PS Direct, PS ATL is like having the airport virtually all to yourself. Visit reserveps.com for more info. #onlyatPS ...

To us, nothing says luxury quite like champagne and caviar. #onlyatPS ...

An exquisitely curated menu that is prepared to order when you arrive to PS. #onlyatPS ...

Channeling cozy fall travel. Shared via @ethanbarber.co ...

Complimentary beauty products await you in every Private Suite. #onlyatPS ...

Luxury travel has been redefined, again. We are now open to all clients at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. PS is located in a private terminal far away from the traffic and bustle of the public terminal and offers a back door to your commercial aircraft, private TSA and Customs clearance, luxury spaces and white-glove service before and after your flight. Visit reserveps.com for more info. #onlyatPS ...

It’s all in the details. Welcome to the new PS ATL. We can’t wait to welcome you. #onlyatPS ...

Wait for your flight just steps away from the airfield. Thank you for joining us @alexhall_o.c. #onlyatPS ...